It should be humiliating, on his knees like this at his brother’s feet. It should be a reminder of how low he’s been brought, how thoroughly he’s been beaten, that he can’t even argue when Lucifer orders him to perform such menial tasks as this – but it’s not.

Instead, he finds it quite comforting. There’s routine in the motions, simplicity; the bowl of water by his knee is warm, the towel on his lap is soft, and Lucifer’s foot in his hand is slowly becoming clean from the dust and blood under his careful care.

Once again, he has purpose in his life. It is… nice.

“Carry on,” says Lucifer, quietly, and Michael realises that he has become lost in his thoughts and has stopped. There’s a gentle tap of fingers against his cheek, knuckles that brush along the line of his jaw, and he drops his gaze to the floor again to focus on the task at hand.

(As it turns out, his brother is a surprisingly gentle taskmaster. Michael offers him little disobedience, and Lucifer offers him little violence in return. It is a system that works for them, strange perhaps though it is – it requires compromise on both sides, but compromise is more than worth it for finally, finally having his brother back.)

“Well done,” says Lucifer, and Michael doesn’t need to look up to see the delighted smile on his brother’s face. Lucifer likes this, for reasons Michael doesn’t fully understand, likes Michael cleaning his feet with his own hands despite the fact he could simply exert his will and be clean in a second.

He says none of that, though. He keeps his head down and continues cleaning, the soft white of the towel becoming stained in uneven streaks as he runs a damp corner of it over Lucifer’s heel and around his ankle, the warm pleasure of restoring order settling across his shoulders.

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Anonymous asked:

bones having to explain to spock that "hobgoblin" is a nickname and not an insult and spock just staring blankly like . . . "If you will excuse me, Captain, I need to reassess every interaction I have had with Doctor McCoy with the new knowledge that Hobgoblin is a nickname and not an insult."

imagine-jim-bones-and-spock answered:

imagine spocks face as he slowly realized that all the times he thought bones was teasing him he was doing so with a deep fondness

imagine spocks face when he realized that bones had actually been flirting with him at some moments


Anonymous asked:

Bones/Spock, bones stresses out and has a small break down in his office after a bad morning and Spock mysteriously shows up to comfort him.

mangopuffs answered:


Someone’s ordered the wrong supplies. Again.

Leonard alternates between glaring futilely at the quailing intern and the pile of useless plastic buckets sitting the middle of medbay. “And what the hell,” he finally says, “am I supposed to do with this?”

"You could sell them," Chapel suggests mildly. "I hear Scotty’s always on the lookout for……plastic."

Leonard throws his hands in the air, shoots one more dirty look at the intern, and tries to forget about the buckets.

Then someone drops a tray of hypos, breaks a monitor, and Scotty himself limps cheerfully in with a shattered femur and a hassled-looking officer under his arm.

"I’m done," Leonard announces, after he’s patched Scotty up and sent him away with ill grace. "I’m done,” he says again for emphasis, and he just manages to glimpse Chapel’s exasperated expression before he shuts himself in his office and refuses to come out.

It’s only fair, he thinks mulishly, sitting in his chair with his forehead resting on the surface of his cool, soothing desk. Jim pulls this act every time, just goes and disappears for hours on end when the stress gets to be too much. And Leonard’s the one keeping everyone on the damn ship in one piece.

"If anyone deserves off time, it’s me," he says aloud, then jumps guiltily when his office door opens. "Ten minutes, Christine, that’s all I-"

"Dr. McCoy," Spock says, arching an eyebrow from his position in Leonard’s doorway. "Is there a problem?"

Leonard contemplates refusing to answer and prodding the Vulcan out of the way so that the door will close again. Considers moping around in his office for another half hour or so until some major injury comes gimping in and he’ll have to emerge and put the poor sap back together. Briefly deliberates the pros and cons of comming Jim and complaining until the kid shows up to entertain him.

"Yes," he ends up saying, folding his arms and scowling wholeheartedly. "Yes, I have a goddamn problem."

He ends up ranting for five minutes on end with Spock standing in front of his desk, watching him with a vaguely interested expression like Leonard’s one of his lab experiments. And Leonard’s so far gone that he doesn’t even care.

When he stops for air, he’s red-faced and indignant all over again, a lump of frustration in his throat and a sour taste in his mouth.

"Sorry," he says, aware that Spock hasn’t said a word during all of this. "Sorry, I just…."

Then, the world turns on end and Spock reaches out and puts his hand on Leonard’s shoulder.

It’s both a shocking and an unexpectedly comforting gesture, and Leonard blinks down at his desk a few times before looking up.

Spock’s face is unreadable as always, but his hand is still there and, to Leonard’s surprise and amusement, Spock carefully lifts it and sets it down again in a single, restrained pat.

Leonard loses it. Just folds across his desk and breaks down cackling, his stomach cramping and his breaths coming out in great, wheezing guffaws. “Oh God,” he gasps, then shakes his head when Spock’s hand withdraws immediately. “It’s not you, it’s not you, I swear. Jesus-” And then he’s gone again, wiping tears from the corners of his eyes as he straightens and squints incredulously at Spock.

"Don’t ever change," he says seriously, and Spock’s head tips at a minute degree, contemplating Leonard’s expression gravely.

"I did not intend to," he finally replies, and Leonard decides that’ll have to do.



Scott knowing that Derek does not like guns.

Scott and Derek sharing a moment over their mutual fear that Derek might die.

Scott seeing the new hit list and noticing first and formost that Derek is not on it anymore.

Human!Derek being supermotivated and kicking ass and tag teaming with Braeden…



Dean Winchester: Outstanding Heterosexual

You can be straight and still have an appreciation for the someone of the same sex. You can even have a crush or attraction to one person, that doesn’t make you bi or closeted. That makes you perfectly okay with your sexuality.

And if you’re using this to imply Dean is closeted, take a second to see who Dr. Sexy looks like (hint, it starts with a S and ends with a -am)

Not so fun to use this as proof of Dean’s as you put it “heterosexuality” is it?




i am going to be physically sick

"Becky quickly shuts him down, saying she’s just giving the fans what they want and he should be glad he isn’t singing this to his brother"

Wow.  Hmm.  Last time I checked Becky was a Wincest shipper and I doubt would have any problem trying to make Dean sing a love song to Sam (and let’s be honest, Dean would do that long before he would sing a love song to Cas).  Also, the “fans” that would be attending her play would likely also be Wincest shippers, considering the nature of the last convention she organized (the homoerotic subtext panel which only included seasons 1-3?) Luckily this is just the authors silly unfounded fantasy.


Plus, I mean I don’t ship Jo/Dean, but pretty sure they wouldn’t use REO Speedwagon with Destiew bc that song is canon Jo/Dean.

As for the first song choice….ew, just no. The site doesn’t speak for the fandom but rather the loud minority who can’t distinguish fact from fiction.

Obviously the site doesn’t know the show or they would know Becky is a huge Sam girl and die hard Wincest shipper. He’ll she would probably have them sing I’ll Make Love To You to one another, or Feels Like The First Time, or basically any other song about love/sex and she would have no issue whatsoever about the bros singing to one another. She would encourage it even.







TUESDAY 8/19: Ferguson PD presented a table full of fabricated evidence at this morning’s press conference - allegedly seized from protestors and stopped cars. The Colt 45 Molotov with a white bandana was the crowning glory, turns out you can’t even buy glass 40’s in Missouri. Stay classy, FPD

I seriously think white supremacist are coming in the area to frame the protesters, but it could just be the cops

Colt 45 Molotov cocktail? What’s next, a watermelon incendiary bomb? A fried chicken pipe bomb? These jokers can’t even frame folks without their racism showing.

Here’s an article talking about the ban on glass 40s in St Louis and the surrounding areas, btw.

The people coming into Ferguson provoking violence against local protesters, be they opportunist wannabe radicals treating it like a revolutionary fantasy camp or police-planted provocateurs, are horrid and very real.

Never ever ever ever ever forget that the violence being directed at this community is being unilaterally instigated by police in an effort to enforce systematic white supremacy. Do not be distracted by the excuses authorities try to make for themselves.

Reblogging for the link and commentary.