LOL, Anna didn’t get killed off the show because she had sex with Dean, she was killed off because the minions preferred MISHA over her.

Misha liked his new role and wanted to make it last longer than the original four episodes, and the minions helped him by making…



Okay the hate in the spn fandom is wild so here comes a rant.

I respect that everybody in the fandom can have their own opinions and ship who they want. Sam and Dean, ruby and sam, Cas and Lucifer, gadreel and metatron.. whatever floats your boat. But what I don’t respect…

Seriously tho, sastielers are never in ship wars. They are the calm ones to suggest that they’d hate on Jensen is stupid. Furthermore pretty sure this post doesn’t belong in the Sastiel tag. In fact pretty sure that’s only for Sastiel stuff, not to reprimand a portion of the fandom you generalized in a blanket statement for a hypothetical situation that some people in other ship factions have done. In fact the tags on that post are all over the place….

I suppose your heart is in the right place but don’t drag down another ship who isn’t at fault for anything stated in the rant.

As for attraction and talent, those are opinion based. You had it right with they are human beings who have families and are action real life people, but we don’t have to like them bc so and so does.

And lastly, the anti-tags exist for a reason. It’s so we don’t clog up the actor/ship/character/main tag with our opinions on these things. Not everybody likes the same thing hence an anti-tag to rant. People are allowed their own opinion.

If they don’t like a character/actor/ship/whatever they can say so. What they shouldn’t do (because lord knows they can and do) is send the hate directly to the person. But a post here on the website (properly tagged of course) is perfectly fine.

And if you don’t like the hate blacklist/stay out of those anti-tags, it’s as simple as that.


Anonymous asked:

Actual quotes from a destiheller I met on the internet "Maybe it's because, seasons 1-3 contributed nothing and I mean nothing to the story arc of seasons 4-9? I mean, I never watched those seasons cause the thought of spn without destiel makes me sick to my stomach and makes me wonder how much of a retard was Kripke." and then this gem "Actually, yes I am proud of the fact that I know nothing of spn before or without Castiel."

nancy444 answered:

Wow, and they want to know why we get pissed at them?

Sorry bunch of losers, my dear anon. 



You know what we need to talk about? Sam’s subconscious connection to Lucifer before even meeting him.

Like when he goes to kill Lilith and (supposedly unknown to him at the time) subsequently open Lucifer’s cage, he says this…



Waiting for what? He’s been told he has to kill Lilith…